Osamu Umezawa
Dean, Faculty of Engineering

At Yokohama National University, our mission is to develop advanced studies as an international base of practical studies that creates and practices the knowledge based on science to contribute to the society, and train human resources who can support the next generation through the research activities. In 2001, we prioritized (reorganized) the graduate schools in the engineering field for the first time under a new-education-system university, and established the Faculty of Engineering as a research organization where researchers, such as the teaching staff, are affiliated. The Faculty of Engineering is comprised of three divisions, namely the “Division of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Division of Systems Research, and Division of Intelligent Systems Engineering”. They currently have approximately 170 full-time faculty members. Various research is being conducted from basic research to advanced research, and various activities such as national projects as well as collaborative research with industries, academia and governments is carried out. Please see "Faculty of Engineering Highlights"1) for details of the research activities.

Our graduate students belong to the Graduate School of Engineering Science, which is an educational organization. Utilizing various characteristics of both a research organization and an educational organization, graduate students can carry out both research activities under teachers who study without being bound by existing framework of the academic field, as well as learn through the educational program systematically designed from basics knowledge to application. This is the strength of advanced professional education at the Graduate School of Engineering Science, Yokohama National University.

At the same time, enriching our faculty education is also important for nurturing excellent engineers and researchers. The College of Engineering Science has been reformed since April 2017, and has reorganized its fundamental education that meets demands of the age. The college education is mainly handled by faculty members belonging to the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences. We will continue to strengthen our collaboration with both faculties, and promote high quality engineering science education.

Such traditional and practical engineering education began with the establishment of Yokohama Higher School of Technology (January 19, 1920) which is the predecessor. We will be celebrating 100th anniversary in 2020 since our establishment. Advanced research is a source of education in Graduate School and Colleges 2). We will continue to further enhance our activities at the Faculty of Engineering to contribute to the society through education and research for the next hundred years.

Osamu Umezawa
Dean, Faculty of Engineering,

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