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On March 1, 2011, three Universities – Nara Institute of Science & Technology, Aoyama Gakuin University and Yokohama National University -- signed a "Comprehensive Agreement on Mutual Assistance in Photoresponsive Molecular Material and Other Areas," setting the stage for a broad alliance on education and research in this field.

Leading up to the signing, in 2010, Nara Institute of Science & Technology kicked off a local Nara Government-led research-support project headed by Professor Tsuyoshi Kawai, and Aoyama Gakuin University launched a research consortium that is headed by Professor Jiro Abe, while at YNU the group led by Professor Yasushi Yokoyama received an allocation of YNU Critical Competitiveness Enhancement Fund called "Creating Photoresponsive Materials for New Functionality and Their Functional Analysis," which led to the decision to start a group bearing the same name in the 3rd Phase of Faculty of Engineering Group Research Program.

It is expected that upon the foundation laid out by this three-school project a comprehensive agreement exclusively among universities, which is a first in Japan, will be signed enabling a further, closely-coordinated drive in education & research in this field, and will eventually become a successful, Japan-based research organization carrying out international joint-research projects. To this international joint research program France, Russia, China and Germany are planning to join and, if things go smoothly, its activities are scheduled to begin in 2012.

Originally there was a plan to hold a seminar commemorating the activation of this agreement on March 25, 2011, but it was suspended due to the great Tohoku Earthquake. On July 28, a little while into the new academic year when the situation had calmed down somewhat, the three-school joint seminar took place.

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