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AY2010 Open Campus

Open Campus was held this academic year on Friday, August 6 – Saturday August 7 and on November 23 (national holiday) due to the planned reorganization of the undergraduate programs as well as graduate programs. The visitor count was approximately 15,500 for the two-day open campus in August with visitors 5,100 to events hosted by College of Engineering. Visitors to College of Engineering-hosted events during the open campus in November numbered approximately 700.

Open campus is a marketing event for recruitment, where high school students wishing to go to YNU and their parents can together visit and view the campus directly. We host this event so that they can experience campus life by sitting in a mock lectures, touring the libraries and hearing explanations on programs.

At College of Engineering, each Department and Courses separately held departmental introductions, explanation of the entrance exam, mock lectures, lab tours, tour of related facilities, individual counseling, etc.

Project to Nurture Interest in Engineering from Early On

In response to such issues as “loss of interest in sciences,” “loss of interest in engineering,” “loss of interest in engineering careers,” etc., corporations and schools are jointly developing and implementing nurture programs to demonstrate the important social value of industrial technology and the charms of engineering and researcher careers for middle- and high-school students. These programs tap into “local coordinators” to support developing classes cooperatively among schools and local interests.

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