Research Units

Research Units (Phase 1)

SubjectsPrincipal Investigators
Rapid Manufacturing and Function Evaluation of Three-dimensional Micro-systems NISHINO, Koichi
Surface modification of metal matrix materials having environmental barrier UMEZAWA, Osamu
Advancement of metal mold and its related fields at industrial engineering YAKOU, Takao
Development of High Performance Thermoelectric Oxides FUKUTOMI, Hiroshi
Study for new high-Tc and high-Jc superconductor UEHARA, Masatomo
Study on mechatronics based on modeling of human behavior SANADA, Kazushi
Study on the physical properties under high pressure UMEHARA, Izuru
Informatics study on microbial diversity using phylogenetic and functional marker genes SUZUKI, Ichiro
Physics at low temperatures and novel device applications of mesoscopic systems SHIMAZU, Yoshihiro
Development of high performance high-void-content cement based materials for structures TSUBAKI, Tatsuya
Manifestation mechanism of function in biological molecules as revealed by stractural biology NAITO, Akira
Improvement of cell performance by clarification of heat and mass transfer phenomena in PEFC UTAKA, Yoshio
Conformational and functional research of carbohydrates; Joint research of biochemistry and computational chemistry UEDA, Kazuyoshi
Research on power train and traction control of electric cars FUJIMOTO, Hiroshi
New Technology in Generation of Electricity based on Ocean Current Flow SUZUKI, Kazuo
Nanoelectronics TAKEMURA, Yasushi
Corrosion mechanism of reinforcing bars for reinforced concrete structures subjected to cyclic loading HAYASHI, Kazuhiko
Study on Autonomous Decentralized Energy Network Using Multi-Agent System OYAMA, Tsutomu
Development of novel molecular catalysis based on elements chemistry YAMAGUCHI, Yoshitaka
Integrated Photonics ARAKAWA, Taro
Innovation on Nano-Micro Science and Ultrafast Technology TAKEDA, Jun
Development of remote real-time monitoring/diagnostic system of road bridges and its application SASAKI, Eiichi
Estimation of radiative exchange effect on flammability limit SAKAI, Seigo
Development of membrane bio reactor(MBR) for hydrogen fermentation NAKAMURA, Kazuho
Development of novel technologies for radiation measurements based on fundamental science NAKAMURA, Shogo
Long-Life Urban Street Designing NAKAMURA, Fumihiko

Research Units (Phase 2)

SubjectsPrincipal Investigators
Drive and Control of Spiral Motor FUJIMOTO, Yasutaka
Heat reduction of power semiconductor devices mounted SiC and the reliability estimation NAKATSUGAWA, Hiroshi
Development of disaster prevention technology of infrastructures for earthquake and wind utilizing health monitoring system KATSUCHI, Hiroshi
High-Resolution Direction-Of-Arrival Estimation by Array Antenna ICHIGE, Koichi
Investigation of redox reaction mechanisms of multi-atom transition metal molecuels Raebiger Hannes
Integration of Urban Innovation Research Field TAKAMIZAWA, Minoru
Development of highly accurate pulsed magnetization devices YAMAMOTO, Isao
Development of novel materials using multi-functional electron microscopy TAKEDA, Mahoto
Community construction from work places AKIMOTO, Kaoru
Sensor network platform for physical computing applications HAMAGAMI, Tomoki

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